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What is the TKT Diploma?

TKT Certification is an international assessment, moderated by the University of Cambridge, for native and non-native English teachers from all over the world. It consists of 6 exams and is a benchmark in Peru for international English language teaching certification.

The subjects have the following characteristics

Knowing how to use teaching resources
in an effective way

Use different classroom management methods for different needs.

Understanding key aspects of lesson planning

Familiarise yourself with different
teaching methodologies

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What skills will you develop?

Knowing how to use teaching resources effectively.

Use different classroom management methods for different needs.

Understand key aspects of lesson planning.

Familiarise yourself with different
teaching methodologies.


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Cambridge TKT Examinations (TKT1, TKT2, TKT3)


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30-hour TKT diploma modules

Language and knowledge related to the teaching and learning process.

  • Knowledge of the process of teaching and learning a language.
  • Description of language and language skills.

Lesson planning and use of didactic resources to teach a language

  • Selection and use of teaching resources and materials.
  • Planning and preparation of a lesson or sequence of lessons.

Mastering the teaching and learning process.

  • Classroom management.
  • The language of the teacher and students in the classroom.

Dates and times of the TKT diploma course

January 19, 2024 March 22, 2024 Fridays(4-7pm)
April 05, 2024 June 07, 2024 Fridays (4-7pm)
May 4, 2024 July 06, 2024 Saturdays (2-5pm)
August 17, 2024 October 19, 2024 Saturdays (2-5pm)
September 21, 2024 November 23, 2024 Fridays (4-7pm)
October 19, 2024 December 21, 2024 Fridays (4-7pm)
July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024 M-W-F (9am-12pm / 1-4pm)
August 19, 2024 August 23, 2024 M-W-F (9am-12pm / 1-4pm)

Who is TKT certificate for?

  • English teachers (Cambridge English: First – FCE, IELTS Band 6).
  • Teachers with level B1 in English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • People with teaching experience who are not certified in English language teaching.
  • Teachers who want to gain formal recognition of their experience, keep their teaching skills up to date and develop their career opportunities.

Our teachers have the TKT diploma

(master’s level in English)