Flexible 12- 18 month programme.

Cambridge Assessment English Advanced Certificate in Teaching Methodology (CAM)

National and international job opportunities in the national network of Exam Preparation Centres and our global network of IH schools around the world.

What is the CENEVAL Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching (LEI) by direct examination?

Our programme (LEI)

This program was designed taking into account your work experience, deepening the theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills that will lead you to achieve your bachelor’s degree from the comfort of your home as it is 100% online.

At the end of the programme, you will develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching through CENEVAL (Agreement 286, EGAL-EIN), with the additional benefit of an international certification in advanced English teaching methodology issued by International House World Organisation (IHWO) and one of the best universities in the world, The University of Cambridge (Cambridge Assessment English).

The subjects have the following characteristics

Theory and reflection on your practice

Asynchronous research work

Collaborative team projects and tasks

Development of case studies

Synchronous sessions with an experienced and qualified tutor (all our tutors are Cambridge University Masters level trained).

Content based on your context and customised to your needs.


  • Learning Theories
  • Linguistic and Affective Needs of Learners
  • eaching Methods and Approaches
  • Linguistics and the Origins of English
  • English Language Teaching Methodology
  • Productive Skills
  • Discourse analysis and language as text
  • Receptive Skills
  • English Phonetics and Phonology
  • Lexical Analysis and Teaching
  • Evaluation Methods
  • Materials Design Analysis
  • Educational Communication and Technology
  • Professional Development and Practice
  • Research Seminar
  • Thesis Seminar


Professionals in the LEI programme are critical, reflective, creative and ethical; they have skills and theoretical, pedagogical, linguistic and technological knowledge relevant to the field of education and the teaching and learning of English.

Likewise, this professional generates learning spaces in relation to the needs of their students in different contexts, whether face-to-face or virtual, in relation to the cultural, contextual and educational needs of the students and institutions where they work.

Lesson planning for English as a foreign language in different contexts.

Strategic and critical organisation and leadership.

Group management in different educational contexts.

Assessment of language acquisition.

Understanding of the pedagogical and theoretical context of language practice and acquisition and possessing the linguistic skills to facilitate the English language learning-teaching process.

Design and evaluation of English language teaching materials based on different pedagogical currents, models and approaches.

Ability to analyse, implement and practise theories of language acquisition.

Use of information and communication technologies in synchronous and asynchronous environments in English language teaching.

What knowledge will you gain?

Theoretical knowledge about teaching that will make you a more informed professional.

Ability to teach practically and develop self-analytical skills to become a more reflective teacher.

Sensitivity to know what to expect from a diplomatic level course and prepare to take one (e.g. Delta).

Planning and management of educational resources in different contexts.

Theoretical knowledge required for a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching and Learning.

Additional benefits

Accompaniment and administrative management for the external degree process through CENEVAL (Agreement 285, EGAL-EIN).

International seminars (Webinars) by personal invitation from University Programmes.

Job apportunities through more than 2000 schools we work with in the country.


High School Certificate.

Level B2 English.

4 – 5 years of English language teaching experience.

3 work references of experience in the field.


Start date Final date
April 1, 2024 October, 2025
November 25, 2024 November 2025 – May 2026

Price of the Executive Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching (LEI) programme through CENEVAL

Semester Registration Fee (2 per year) : $5000 MXN

Monthly fee (12 months – duration of the programme): $5000 MXN*.

NOTE: Does not include direct processing fees for professional qualification.

*Dates and fees are subject to change without notice.

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Why study this programme?

Direct qualification by CENEVAL

You obtain a Cambridge Assessment English (CAM) diploma and you will be prepared for the CENEVAL direct qualification process (Agreement 286).

Job opportunities

You can access our worldwide job network.


We prepare teachers capable of teaching in any country.

Teaching experience

Excellent reputation in the ELT market and in the teaching world.

Doble reconocimiento internacional

Tanto Cambridge Assessment English como International House World Organisation reconocen este programa.


The programme is 100% online. Excellent reputation in the ELT market and in the teaching world.