Oaxaca’s indomitable spirit stems from its wild land and diverse people.

Nestled among vast mountains, Oaxaca has interesting archaeological sites, as well as caves and grottoes to lose yourself in time. Its people constitute a rich multicultural tapestry, with 16 different ethnic groups. Oaxaca’s many languages, cultures and traditions find common ground within Spanish.

  • Location: Oaxaca State, Mexico
  • Area: 93,952 km²

Oaxaca is known for its excellent location in the central highlands of the Mexican Republic, as well as for its artistic, architectural and cultural richness.

recreational sites near the city of Oaxaca, in the middle of nature.
archaeological sites with public access
museos en diversos temas y artes en la ciudad de Oaxaca.
Turistas visitan Oaxaca cada año.

Adult Intensive Course

Dates for beginners 2022

Students who already speak Spanish can start studying on any Monday (except holidays).

Beginners can start their course on the following dates:

January 10, 24 April 04, 18 July 11, 25 October 03, 17, 31
February 07, 21 May02, 16, 30 August 08, 22 November 14, 28
March 07, 21 June 13, 27 September 05, 19 December 12, 26

1-4 weeks





$210 /








(or moore)





(Academic Year)



All prices are in US $.

The week starting 11 April has a duration of three days and therefore has a special price of $145 USD in both English and Spanish.

Our courses include:
– Registration
– 6+ hours / week of Spanish immersion with our social programme
(entrance fees and transportation not included).

Not included:

– Course book, approx. $50

National Holidays 2022

Our school IH Oaxaca will be closed for public holidays on these dates:

January 1st. : New Year April 14th.: Easter Thursday May 1st.: Labour Day November 21st.: Mexican Revolution Day
February 7th.: Constitution Day April 15th.: Holy Friday September 16th.: Independence Day December 25th.: Christmas
March 21st.: Birthday of Benito Juárez

Please note that classes missed on the holidays mentioned above cannot be made up at other times.

Combine your course with:

Learn how to make the food we all know and love, the true Mexican way, and enjoy the food!

Any number of weeks
Five afternoons per week
5 hours/week
$150 USD

Put on your dancing shoes and learn from some of the best Latin dance teachers.

Any number of weeks
Five afternoons per week
5 hours/week
$150 USD

Discover the secrets of Mexico, its history, diversity, art, culture, customs and economy.

The class is designed to improve your communication skills in Spanish while you learn.

Any number of weeks
Five afternoons per week
5 hours/week
Per week $150 USD

This course will surely help you to expand your business!


  • Private lessons 2 hours per day (10 hours/week): $300 USD/week
  • Semi-private, two students with the same level and one teacher 2 hours per day (10 hours/week): $175 USD/week/person

Learn specific vocabulary. This course is perfect for nurses, doctors and health care workers.

Optional visit to observe
and meet Spanish-speaking
doctors or nurses in a
health centre.

  • For individual medical Spanish 2 hours/day (10 hours/week): $ 300 USD/week.
  • For two students with the same level who want to study together.
  • 2 hours / day (10 hours / week): $ 175 USD / week / person.

If you want to go at your own pace, learn exactly what you need to learn and decide for yourself how intensive you want your programme to be, individual lessons are the best option.

You can also combine private lessons with a group course.

Course fees

  • For one to one class: $30/hour.
  • For two students of the same level who want to study together: $35/hour.

Enjoy a fantastic family holiday complete with an excellent Spanish course. While parents attend an intensive course, we can organise classes to cover the time adults spend in class so that children are not left unattended.

Children from 6 to 15 years old

  • For 1 child: $30 USD/hour.
  • For 2 children $35 USD/hour.
  • For 3 children $40 USD/hour.

To prepare you for coming to Mexico or to continue your studies after returning home, we recommend one of our online courses. Each Net Languages course consists of around 120 hours of interactive study materials and may also include individual written and oral tutorials with a qualified language instructor.

Course Fees

With Tutor

  • Full Course (120 hrs): $462 USD.
  • Half Course (60 hrs): $242 USD.
Without guardian

  • Full Course (120 hrs): $115.50 USD.
  • Half Course (60 hrs): $60.5 USD.

Our School

Our Spanish school in Oaxaca offers students a warm and friendly learning environment in the heart of the city. Our colourful classrooms are set around a sunny central courtyard which is perfect for relaxing and chatting with other international students between classes.

  • 16th century colonial building with modern interior.
  • 5 bright classrooms.
  • Free Wi-Fi.

Beautiful outdoor courtyard where students gather at shaded tables to study together.

On-campus restaurant for coffee between classes or a traditional Mexican lunch.

Located in a lively central neighbourhood surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Walking distance to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Oaxacan Painters, Oaxaca Cathedral, Santo Domingo de Guzman. Plaza de la Constitución or Zócalo (main square)

International House OaxacaC. de Mariano Abasolo 217, ruta independencia,
Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax. México
+52 (951) 427 76 96 / +52 (984) 181 37 46

  • We have private and shared rooms, both in English and Spanish.
  • You can choose bed and breakfast or half board (which includes an evening meal).
  • We also have on-site flats available for individuals or families.
  • Plus, we have Mexican families who love to meet students from all over the world! Make new friends and maximise your opportunities to practise the Spanish you’ve learnt in class by chatting with your host family – we’re sure you’ll have an amazing experience!

Price per night (in USD $)

Student Residence p/person
Single room, self-catering $ 216
Single room, with breakfast $ 252
Single room, half board $ 294
Shared room, no meals $ 156
Habitación compartida, con desayuno $ 192
Shared room, half board $ 234
For students staying 4 weeks or more in the student residence.
Shared room, no meals $ 138
Shared room, with breakfast $ 174
Shared room, half board $ 216
Host family
Single room in a host family with bed and amplifier; breakfast $ 268
Single room in a host family with half-board $ 298
On-site flats
I. Single room in a shared flat $ 258
J. Exclusive use of furnished 1-bedroom flat $ 420
K. Double room in a shared flat $ 180
L. Exclusive use of furnished 2/3-bedroom flats $ 540

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