2-year programme with official validity RVOE 2021P04306/11-06-2021

Cambridge Assessment English Advanced Certificate in Teaching Methodology (CAM)

National and international job opportunities in the national network of Exam Preparation Centres and our global network of IH schools around the world.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language Teaching

This programme is designed to provide you with a learning experience in which you will acquire and develop linguistic, psycho-pedagogical, technological and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills for English language teaching and communication with international standards.


3 years
4 quarters

Mixed Modality

Live tutor sessions and platform


2 subjects every 7 weeks 45 subjects in total

Tutor sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:30 hrs. and Saturdays from 8:00 to 15:00 hrs.

This Bachelor’s degree is for you if you are interested in working in education and teaching English to international standards and have a high school certificate and a verifiable international English level B1.

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What can you work in after completing this degree?

  • Deliver programmes in English at all levels of education.

  • Assess student learning according to international standards.

  • Designing and evaluating teaching materials.

  • Design curricula and syllabuses in English language teaching

  • Promote the social and cultural aspects of the language

  • Deliver online courses using technological tools and digital learning resources.

  • Providing consultancy in communication departments.

  • Conduct research in linguistics.

  • Translating texts.

  • Assess their own performance and design action plans to enable their professional development.

  • Coordinate language departments

  • Designing and evaluating teaching materials.

Why with us?

We develop your skills and empower your leadership.

  • 3 international certifications included: IELTS, Teaching at an Early Age (TKT YL) and Content and Language Integrated Learning (TKT CLIL) from the University of Cambridge.

  • National and international job opportunities with a large network of schools we work with.

  • Learn with the most nationally recognised tutors in English teaching methodology.

  • Innovative approach with psycho-pedagogical programmes and inclusive education.

  • Scholarships for teachers from IH Quality Circle schools.

Why study this programme?

Language Competences

We enhance your English language proficiency and certify it internationally with Cambridge Assessment English.

Pedagogical Competences

We develop your leadership and teaching skills in different educational contexts, and certify your knowledge internationally.

Psychopedagogical knowledge

We provide you with the tools to understand the cognitive development and needs of students in an inclusive education environment.

Technological Competences and Innovation

We boost your creativity and prepare you to face the needs of today’s world in virtual environments.

Multidisciplinary Competences

We open your horizons within a framework of cultural diversity and prepare you for research studies.


Start date Final date
January 8, 2024 January, 2027
August 26, 2024 August, 2027

Our graduates have the opportunity to work in the best schools in Mexico and the world.