The Power of Opportunity

Empower your future with face-to-face courses at our Cuernavaca, Satélite and Toluca locations.

Give your children the powerful tool of speaking English!

Kids and Teens With Skills

Recent research shows that learning a second language develops cognitive, cultural and linguistic skills more effectively.

Greater mental flexibility

More conflict resolution skills

More creativity

Increased listening skills

Better concentration and memory

Your future starts here

Our programmes


  • 6 – 12 years old
  • Level 1: Explorers
  • Level 2: Adventurers
  • Level 3: Voyagers


  • 13 – 16 años de edad
  • Nivel 1: Viajeros del tiempo
  • Nivel 2: Trotamundos
  • Nivel 3: Ciudadanos del mundo

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