2-year programme with official validity RVOE 2021P04306/11-06-2021

Cambridge Assessment English Advanced Certificate in Teaching Methodology (CAM)

National and international job opportunities in the national network of Exam Preparation Centres and our global network of IH schools around the world.

Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching and Educational Leadership

This programme is designed to develop educational leaders capable of analysing, researching and innovating in bilingual and bicultural educational contexts, through programme design, project development and strategic management systems, coordinating and directing institutions that seek academic models with international standards.


2 years
4 semestres

Face-to-face mode

Live tutor sessions and platform support.


One subject every 5 weeks.

Tutor sessions

Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00 hrs.

This master’s degree is for you if you are interested in leading high-performance teams, designing educational projects and implementing English language programmes to international standards, and have a bachelor’s degree and a verifiable international B2 level in English.

In what areas can you work after completing this Master’s degree?


Dirección Educativa

  • Head academic departments of educational institutions
  • Coordinating and leading teams for the management of educational institutions
  • Developing educational projects
  • Innovate educational and institutional management systems

Enseñanza del Inglés

  • Deliver programmes in English at all levels and in all educational contexts, both face-to-face and online.
  • Assess learning outcomes quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Design and evaluate English language teaching programmes

Metodología y de Investigación

  • Analyse and evaluate results for decision-making
  • Conduct research projects in the education sector


Why with us?

We develop your skills and empower your leadership.

  • Innovative programme that combines two areas essential for the successful running of bilingual educational institutions: English language teaching and educational management.

  • Learn with the most nationally recognised tutors in English teaching methodology.

  • Certifications in Advanced CAM Teaching Methodology including Cambridge University.

  • National and international job centre with a large network of schools we work with.

  • Scholarships for teachers from IH Quality Circle schools.

What makes us different?

Lines of research

Specialisation in the field that interests you most, such as English language acquisition, assessment or organisational development and school management.

Case studies

Analysis of problems in real contexts to find innovative solutions from the perspective of the educational leader.

Educational projects

Development of creativity and innovation to improve the quality and outcomes of academic programmes through team management processes.

Platform with additional resources

Digital library, tools and resources that will enrich your knowledge.

Educational leadership

Networking through webinars and online workshops with education leaders from across the country.


Start Date Final date
Propaedeutic: January 06
Start: January 13, 2024
January, 2026
Propaedeutic: July 20
Start: July 27 2024
July, 2026