Experienced tutors. All our tutors are Cambridge Assessment English approved tutors.

Completely flexible programme – take it according to your needs and in your own time!

Observation and lesson planning available, to improve your performance in online classes!

What is the eLearning programme?

This new programme provides practising teachers with information and practical content to equip them with many of the tools and skills they need to deliver their classes online, both asynchronously and synchronously, and as an optional add-on, expert individual guidance on what solutions really work in their specific context.

Open to teachers of any subject!

What makes us different?

List of jobs

You will have access to our global network.

Teaching experience

Excellent reputation in the ELT market and in the teaching world.

Working internationally

We prepare teachers capable of working in any country in the world.


The programme is delivered 100% online.

What skills will you develop?

The online units cover the following areas:

Online teaching:
basic concepts and theory.

Asynchronous learning.

Diploma platforms and tools.

VLE (virtual learning environments).

Synchronous learning: conducting live sessions.

Other tools and resources for online teaching.

Assignments, assessment and feedback, areas of specialisation and tutorials or live observation.


Program: $300 USD

Additional supplement: $50 USD

Personalised support: $50 USD

In-service teaching experience in any subject
B1+ English level (Upper Intermediate)

If you are ready to start, register here and fill in the application form.


Flexible options and customised support complements.

Two options:

Take an additional supplement (10hrs) on how to assess your learners and assessment processes in an online environment.

  • What constitutes good assessment and feedback?
  • Assessment in the online context.
  • Assessing learning through technology.
  • Giving online feedback.
  • Resources for managing online assessment and feedback.

Tutorial with online specialist.

  • Book a 60-minute online tutorial with an e-learning specialist.
  • The tutorial will take place via an online platform (e.g. Zoom) and will give you the opportunity to discuss aspects of your online delivery that are most important in your context.
  • You can submit questions in advance or ask them live to the e-learning specialist during the tutorial.
  • The tutorial should take place within four weeks of starting the diploma course.
  • As a supplement, you may be observed teaching a 30-minute online class and receive personalised feedback.

This diploma course can be opened on demand and at your own pace. Simply contact us to enquire.


February 4th, 2022 April 1st, 2022
March 18th, 2022 June 3th, 2022
May 7th, 2022 July 9th, 2022
August 20th, 2022 October 22nd, 2022
September 30th, 2022 December 2nd, 2022
November 12ve, 2022 December 17th, 2022

Our teachers have the Delta diploma

(master’s level in English)