You will develop the knowledge of  english training skills to train English language teachers working in primary and secondary schools

You will learn how to run training sessions, observe teaching and give feedback, with official recognition by Cambridge Assessment English.

By the end of the programme you will be ready start in the field of teacher training!

English training in Train the trainer programme - ih Mexico

What is the Train the Trainer course?

It’s awarded by the University of Cambridge Assessment English, meaning you can rely on the programme’s quality and accreditation. Train the Trainer will allow you to train teachers around the world.

The Train the Trainer course helps participants to:

  • Design and deliver teacher training sessions and courses.

  • Observe other teachers and give supportive feedback.

  • Understand how to develop further as a trainer.

  • It is the first qualification in its kind to help professionals get started in the teacher training field!. Moderated by the University of Cambridge.

  • We have highly qualified, experienced trainers, including two CELTA assessors, and one Delta assessor on staff, who also moderate other centres and courses around the world.

  • We have highly qualified, experienced trainers, including two CELTA assessors, and one Delta assessor on staff, who also moderate other centres and courses around the world.

  • It is a course only offered by Authorised and well-established Teacher Education centres.

Train the trainer is an english training programme - ih Mexico

Course content and structure

As recommended by Cambridge Assessment English, there are 50 hours of  content delivered in a hybrid mode (asynchronous & synchronous through Zoom)

Module Outcome
Module 1 The training class
Participants will understand key issues in trainer development.
Module 2 Analysing and designing training sessions
Participants will have developed skills to plan effective teacher training sessions.
Module 3 Delivering training sessions
Participants will have developed the skills to deliver effective teacher training sessions.
Module 4 Observing teachers
Participants will have developed an understanding of good practice in observing teachers.
Module 5 Managing feedback
Participants will be able to give supportive feedback to teachers and prioritise key strengths and areas for development.
Module 6 Trainer development
Participants will be able to plan for their further development as a trainer.
Assessment for Train the training programme


There is no formal assessment for this course. In order to gain a course certificate of completion, participants need to attend the whole course and complete all activities.

You can now take Train the Trainer 100% Online from anywhere in the world with International House University Programmes

How to apply for Train the Trainer?

Entry requirements
Ideally, candidates should have:

    • At least 5 years of teaching experience (post teacher training).
    • A graduate degree in English, Linguistics or related field.
    • A relevant in -service teaching qualification e.g. CAM, Delta, CELTA, TESOL, ICELT.
    • CEFR Level C1 or above.
    • Strong interpersonal skills.
    • Experience in teaching and managing groups of adult learners.
    • Some kind of experience mentoring, observing teachers, giving input sessions, giving feedback, coordinating teachers, management.

Will the fact that I’ve taken Train the Trainer online appear on my certificate?

No. Train the Trainer online leads to exactly the same certificate as the face-to-face programme. Assessed outcomes are the same for all trainees, so there is no need for separate certification.

What makes our Train the Trainer course different from other centres?

An online English training platform in Train the trainer programme

Train the Trainer through International House University Programmes is a very flexible option to take this programme. We deliver this programme on our cutting-edge platform: NEO LSM.

  • Access to a fully equipped website with ELT materials, Teacher Training articles and resources.
  • An ELT online library with materials and resources specific to each Train the Trainer Module on the course.

Train the Trainer online units

Train the Trainer forums

Stimulating Live sessions

Train the Trainer materials, videos, talks with experts

Train the Trainer online tasks

Train the Trainer online library

Our Train the Trainer course at International House University Programmes

Connect just once a week, or once every two weeksor in a more intensive format with daily sessions, you decide! *

Train the Trainer – Full time– 1-2 weeks.

Train the Trainer – Semi- intensive – 5 weeks

Train the Trainer – Part Time – 10 weeks.

*Subject to peer availability and course planning.

We believe access to education and training should not be a privilege of just a few! Our course option provides the lowest and most competitive price in the market, and we can also offer a Payment Instalment Plan to assist students who are unable to pay for the course right away!


SEMI FULL TIME (Two weeks – 2 live sessions a week)

July 11-  July 23
August 1- August 13

PART TIME (one live session every two weeks)

January 29- March 12 Saturday live sessions
April 26 – June 4th Saturday live sessions
August 6- Sept 17 Saturday live sessions
August 30th – Oct 8th Saturday live sessions
Oct 8 – Nov 19 Saturday lIve sessions

INTENSIVE FULL TIME (Day live sessions)

July 25- July 30

Train the Trainer Fees

ONLINE course: $595 USD

including all materials, access to the website, Cambridge Fees and digital Certificate

Staff & Tutors

We have highly qualified, experienced trainers, including two CELTA assessors on staff, who also moderate other centres and courses around the world.

Orlando Delgado Mata (MA and MBA)
Orlando is the current Director of Teacher Training Operations at International House University. He is a CELTA and Delta Trainer and Assessor. He is the main tutor on most of our Train the trailer programmes.