TKT CLIL module available, with a focus on the Cambridge Assessment English exam.

Class observation, planning and feedback with a tutor and experimentation focused on your needs and materials.

Excellent combination of theory and practice.

What is the CLIL Diploma?

Content and Language Integrated Learning, or CLIL, is a fast, fun and effective way of teaching English through specific subjects such as science, history, maths and more, with a dual focus on learning subject-specific content and at the same time studying English Language. It combines general English classes with lessons focused on examining different aspects of CLIL methodology and its practical application. This programme prepares its graduates to take the TKT CLIL exam and have an international certification from Cambridge Assessment English.

Why take our online learning programme at University Programmes?

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You will have access to our
global networking.

Experience and recognition

Excellent reputation in
the field of education.
CLIL is a programme that
leads to the certification of
Cambridge Assessment English (TKT CLIL)

Working internationally

We prepare teachers
able to work in any environment
country in the world.


100% online programme,
with a mix of sessions
synchronous ‘live online’, and content
asynchronous on platform.

Practice and theory

CLIL-focused programme,
with lesson planning and practice
teacher, observed by tutors
CLIL certificates.

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schools around the world
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What will you learn?

CLIL and language learning

What is CLIL?

CLIL and methodology

Resources, tasks and materials

Thinking skills in CLIL

Activities of
content and language

Materials and resources
for teachers and students

Planning for CLIL

Learning language for CLIL classes

Consolidate the
learning and differentiation
for CLIL

How will this diploma help you develop?

This diploma will give you a solid grounding in CLIL if you are a newly qualified teacher entering this branch of ELT and will help you develop existing skills if you are already working in this sector. You will see how to incorporate EFL techniques into subject teaching to help the learner understand instructions, materials and explanations.

You will also look at the creation of materials, how to develop learner autonomy, theories of second language acquisition and how they link to CLIL. This diploma will equip you to operate more effectively in this context and also encourage you to take elements of it into mainstream primary and secondary education.

This diploma can be taken on demand and at your own pace.


February 4th, 2022 April 1st, 2022
March 18th, 2022 June 3th, 2022
May 7th, 2022 July 9th, 2022
August 20th, 2022 October 22nd, 2022
September 30th, 2022 December 2nd, 2022
November 12ve, 2022 December 17th, 2022


Programme: $350 USD

In-service teaching experience in any subject
B1+ level English (Upper Intermediate)

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CLIL experience

CLIL with International House University Programmes is a flexible option to enjoy the experience of Content and Language Integrated Learning through the best online platform: NEO. You will have access to:

  • A fully equipped website with ELT and CLIL materials, textbooks, resources, for use in the classroom.
  • A variety of video lessons that you can watch according to the focus and scope of your lesson, before and after teaching practice.
  • An online CLIL library with specific materials and resources for each course assignment.
  • Your CLIL portfolio.

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CLIL forums

Direct Access to IHWO Journals

CLIL materials, videos, talks with experts

CLIL online tasks

CLIL online library

Our teachers have a CLIL diploma